We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The jacket hanging over Squall's bed changes depending on which clothes he's wearing. Confront the NORG loyalists and defeat their minions to receive assistance from the Cid supporters under attack in 1F. The player can find the son in Fishermans Horizon, in the area where the boss was fought near to where Grease Monkey lives, and recognize him as the Cafeteria Lady's son. Dormitory BlizzardWeapons Monthly July (left path after Battle of the Gardens)Items available in the random shopLeviathan Card (CC Joker)GF Meter A boy in a blue shirt runs laps around the ring of the first floor and plays the rare MiniMog card. The team will find a console to activate the Garden's transformation into its mobile state on this level. SeeD None, outside of NORG Garden riot and Battle of the Gardens Balamb Garden is mentioned in the Mognet letter sent by Mohnny, who describes the 'Garden' as a giant school campus. Loitering, eating in classes and the library, violence and sexual abuse is prohibited. In the last Final Fantasy 8 adventure before the character's first SeeD Mission, Squall and Quistis venture into the Training Center to take on a T-Rexaur, hit the "lover's lane" of Balamb Garden, and rescue a familiar yet mysterious damsel in distress. Inside, she sees two young boys and asks for help and clothing. Stock up on magic while they blissfully snore. Students (usually orphans) attend school in hopes of becoming SeeDs. Balamb Garden uses the Balamb region rules, where Open is the only default rule. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by, This section about a location in World of Final Fantasy is empty or needs to be expanded. The front gate leads to the lobby, the Garden's unofficial center and a gathering point for students. The training center also has a hidden section called the "secret area" where students go to socialize or otherwise meet in private after curfew to avoid being caught by the Garden Faculty. Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Items and draw points Average: 4.9 (22 votes) Login or register to post comments; Download | Listen: Game: Final Fantasy VIII Composer(s): Nobuo Uematsu Style: Arrangement, Fingerstyle, Natural harmonics View of Balamb Garden from secret area of Training Center. Headmaster Cid appoints Squall as the Garden's commander before going into hiding at Edea's House. Cafeteria Map. The annual Garden Festival takes place in the quad. Encounters No items can be taken from the infirmary without the doctor's permission. Once there, form a party of 3 (sans Rinoa) and pilot Balamb Garden […] Unfollow. The party returns to the Garden after defeating Ultimecia to engage in celebration. She will also start a Sir Laguna's Page, a fanpage for Laguna Loire she adds more entries to the more Timber Maniacs magazines the player finds. Upon returning to the Garden, the player can now walk behind the counter area and talk to the son who has moved there. The Garden's disciplinary committee is often found here. After he talks, the player can either engage with the situation or just turn around and leave. Balamb Garden (Final Fantasy VIII) Guitar Tab. This is the story walkthrough for Chapter 1 (Balamb Garden) for the game Final Fantasy VIII. Residents Meet Xu near the Directory and head for the Deck. With both NORG and Cid out of the picture, Squall gains sovereign control over Garden, and embarks on a mission to defeat the sorceress. Junction Fire magic to Elem-Atk and Sleep to ST-Atk. One is injured in the battle and awakens in the infirmary. The enemy encounters in the training center vary based on the path the player takes from the entrance. The Oilboyles have an attack called Oil Shot that can cause Darkness but they'll have few if any chances to use it. You'll have to breach its hull before you can attack him. Encounters Squall must find and win all Card Club members to gain the chance to challenge the secretive CC King itself. The Garden is still in its stationary state when destroyed, even though the missiles would still have been launched the same time as if Squall's party had activated the MD level. When the assassination plot fails the sorceress vows revenge. After the events at Esthar, the player can still find Balamb Garden on Fishermans Horizon and use it if they wish, but acquiring Ragnarok makes using it obsolete. Key and BPM for Balamb Garden ~ Ami (From "Final Fantasy VIII") by Nobuo Uematsu. Balamb Garden takes heavy damage, and part of its quad is destroyed. The Garden cannot cross the Trabia Crater or the mountains that lead to the Kashkabald Desert. Balamb Garden The player can use the computer in Squall's desk to access the study panel, which gets updated as per story events, and Selphie's Sir Laguna's Page can be read here, which gets new entries the more Timber Maniacs magazines the player finds. The Balamb Garden balcony glitch can occur to trap the player on the balcony during the FMV scene on disc 2. None, outside of NORG Garden riot and Battle of the Gardens Have the other members of your party summon their strongest GFs (excepting Quezacotl as the Pod is strong against Thunder). At the beginning of the game, the player can get a scene here with Zell trying to score hot dogs and Seifer's party wanting to "arrest" him for speeding. Zell can gain one spell (Meteor/Scan/Demi/Triple/Holy/Ultima/Shell/Full-life/Zombie) when hearing the results of his "Love Compatibility Test" as part of the Combat King 003 sidequest. Dec 10, 2007 #4 Ultima36 Outsider. Talk to the young woman standing near the gate and she'll tell you a girl from Garden … Junction Wind magic to Elem-Atk. Esuna (library)Blizzard (training center)Cure (path to outside)Full-life (MD Level)Bio (basement)Demi (cafeteria during riot)Many found in the shopMany found during Garden riotsMagic Lamp (Cid)Occult Fan I (Library; Image)Weapons Monthly magazine (Squall's dorm & training center)Battle Meter (Cid)GF Meter (CC Joker)MiniMog Card (running boy)Quistis Card (Trepies)Seifer Card (Cid)Carbuncle Card (CC Heart)Leviathan (CC Joker)Gilgamesh (CC King)Chubby Chocobo (outside library as part of Queen of Cards quest) The office is replaced with the bridge once the Garden transforms to become mobile. Students may also store Guardian Forces in their computers. This section about a quest in Final Fantasy VIII is empty or needs to be expanded. The uniforms of each Garden are in similar design with patterned shoulder pieces and silver linings. Refuse to swear allegiance to Master NORG and you'll be attacked. Draw Leviathan from NORG as soon as possible. Interestingly, the game actually does let you leave the Garden, but the only useful place you can access outside is Balamb Town--useful, for example, if you need to change Trade Rules with the Queen of Cards and you sent her back to Balamb as advised before the Missile Base (make sure her Trade Rule is All before starting in the Garden). From here you can head either right or left and follow the hall as it loops around in a circle. When you return here on disc 2, there will be fighting and confusion in the Garden. The player can move the Garden by talking to Nida on the bridge. If the Joker will not show up regardless of how many times the player re-enters the screen, it may be necessary to re-enter the screen from the left side of the map instead of the bottom. Balamb Garden is fortunately very easy to navigate. On the second floor, when the player heads to the balcony they take a right path from the elevator hallway, which faces the main gate, yet when the Garden is seen from the outside, the balcony is to the left of the main entrance. Fight a set battle at the library, and talk to the girl and collect an item. The player can do a small sidequest with the Cafeteria Lady. Final Fantasy VIII: Garden Festival Band Choices Explained. Balamb Garden is one of the three Gardens in the world alongside Trabia Garden and Galbadia Garden. Get the most out of your FF8 game by following this detailed and comprehensive walkthrough. Barely evading the missile attack, the Garden speeds out of control past Balamb town and heads out to sea. There are 36 shared study panels in every class. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Encounters The Faculty at the cafeteria summons a high-level Bomb. February 11, 1999. honourateventide . Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Open the valve, return to the previous chamber, climb down the ladder, go to the end of the walkway, and climb up the ladder. There is a myriad of things that can be done once Balamb Garden becomes mobile - a section of the Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough by Jegged.com Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough: Balamb Garden (Mobile) - … Thats like the only fastest way to get out of the garden I think. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal NORG believes the Garden is doomed if they don't appease the sorceress, and plans to hand over the SeeDs involved in the assassination attempt to Galbadia. Balamb Garden appears to fly over water in the game's ending, despite being partially submerged like a sea vessel every other time. None It might help me if you share some! Bridge The player can even see which books are late from the library, giving context to the scene where Zell tries to loan out a book that is never available. In the 2000 film version of Charlie's Angels, the character Dylan (played by Drew Barrymore), after escaping an attempt on her life, stumbles up to a house and throws herself against a sliding glass door. The track "Fear" plays in the Training Center. Encounters After becoming mobile, the Garden's location is no longer fixed, although it can dock at Fishermans Horizon. T-Boards (a floating type of skateboard) and similar forms of transportation are also not allowed. Items and draw points After the SeeD graduation the player receives the mission briefing for Timber here, and Cid gives the party the Magic Lamp that holds the GF Diablos inside. After the Granaldo boss fight in the training center, the Weapons Monthly April issue can be found in Squall's room. If you don't, NORG could quite literally magic himself to death with attacks reflected off your party before you get the chance. This is the most interesting thing in the library, by far. BlobraBlood SoulBuelGeezardTri-Face Follow. Specializing in Guardian Force training and Para-Magic, Balamb Garden is the only Garden authorized to conduct the SeeD field exam, which cadets must pass to join the ranks of SeeD. Using the Garden is made redundant by the game's end as the player obtains an airship that can be used to move around the map more efficiently. The medic, Dr. Kadowaki, asks if he feels all right. Sidequests While Balamb Garden cadets prepare for an assault, the flying Gardens butt heads as their pilots ram the hulls together, tangling the structures. Items and draw points Head for the Hall and search for the Headmaster on the first floor until you see Xu running up the steps to the elevator. The Card Club quest can be started at the lobby after the Garden becomes mobile. Infirmary As the character models were to be depicted as being closer to normal human proportions for the first time in the series, the game backgrounds also needed to have more of a sense of realism to them. Balamb Get DJ recommendations for harmonic mixing. This battle won't be very difficult. For feedback or questions, e-mail IGNguides at: editors@ignguides.com . The ballroom is only used for special occasions, such as the SeeD graduation ball and other formal events. There are several types of magazine you can collect in Final Fantasy VIII, and Occult Fan is probably the most important of all of them. When you're ready to stick it to the bloated Shumi, summon your strongest GFs to put him in his place. The MD level is only visited once to save the Garden from the oncoming missiles. Balamb Garden is a military school located on the continent of Balamb. TARGET LENGTH 03:15 ; … Elevator Balamb. Meet a Garden Faculty member near the Directory and take the elevator down to B1. Headmaster's office Balamb Garden is initially located on Balamb continent to the east of the Alcauld Plains, nestled at the foot of the Gaulg Mountains. Classrooms Although Balamb Garden is used as the headquarters of the League of S and only a small portion of it is explorable, the 1F directory is shown and is laid and labeled the same as it appeared in Final Fantasy VIII. After the events in Fishermans Horizon the player can use Balamb Garden to traverse the world map. Items and draw points Headmaster Cid gives Squall a key to use in the elevator which opens a hatch and leads into an oil stratum. Encounters None, outside of NORG Garden riot and Battle of the Gardens This is the Story Walkthrough for the location Balamb VS Galbadia in the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). Occult Fan I in the southern edge of the second row of book shelves closest to the exitEsuna (never refills) None, outside of NORG Garden riot and Battle of the Gardens Once there, form a party of 3 (sans Rinoa) and pilot Balamb Garden […] The adventurer moogle, on his ongoing journey! The player earns a Game Over after the FMV plays. After Cid collapses talk to him and head for the elevator. Talk to the young woman standing near the gate and she'll tell you a girl from Garden … If the player did not pick them up from the classroom study panel, Quistis will give the player their starter GFs at the gate. Training center:GratT-RexaurGranaldo (Boss)Raldo (Boss)NORG Garden riot:Bite BugBlobraBlood SoulBombBuelCaterchipillarGeezardGlacial EyeGratGrendelT-RexaurTri-FaceGranaldo (Boss)Oilboyle (Boss)Galbadian occupation event:G-SoldierParatrooperElite SoldierGIM52ASAM08G The Faculty at the dormitory summons a Caterchipillar. SeeDs who break Garden rules will be referred to their superior officer, and may face demotion or court martial. 1 (Library) GFs Quezacotl, Shiva (2F Study Panel) Final Fantasy VIII opens with an FMV of two students squaring off in a training match. When your stockers have finished, summon Carbuncle to endow your party members with Reflect in preparation for your imminent tussle with NORG. If you’re playing Final Fantasy 8 Remastered, you’ll probably want to track down all the summons. Encounters Balcony After winning against CC Heart in the Card Club quest, the CC King may challenge the player to a card game when the player sleeps at the dorm, and plays the rare Gilgamesh card. A valve must be turned to open a door. The southwest corridor leads to the infirmary where Dr. Kadowaki takes care of sick or injured students. The northern corridor leads to the dormitories. The Garden works both as a location, and as a method of transportation around the world map. The items are: Elixir from Dr. Kadowaki at the Infirmar; an X-Potion from someone in the Quad; Gysahl Greens from a girl at the Cafeteria; A Tent from the students at Parking Lot; a Remedy from  the kid in the Training Center; and a Mega Phoenix from the girl in the Library (if Zell is in your party), Otherwise, you'll receive a Remedy from her instead. Following the lobby to the right, the southeastern corridor branching off from the ring leads to the Balamb Garden library. The color of each Orb shifts from blue to yellow to red at it readies itself to cast magic. Submitted: Nov 06, 2011 by Bhael (Last updated: Mar 26, 2014) 4.90909. Navigation and piloting controls are accessible from the bridge. Submitted: Oct 01, 2007 by archard (Last updated: Sep 16, 2009) 4.25. Open the hatch at the opposite end of the corridor, proceed until you reach a ladder, climb down, and go through the door on the opposite side of the chamber. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by, This section about a location in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is empty or needs to be expanded. Known by students as the "monsters' lair," it is open 24 hours a day, even after curfew. "Balamb Garden's Festival" is a quiz answer on an Academia quiz terminal in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Balamb Garden Tab by Final Fantasy Viii with free online tab player. The main difference between the uniforms is the color: Balamb Garden's consists of a navy blue base with yellow accent. Balamb Garden flies all around the world and Cid and Edea appear to have returned to the Garden. Attempts made after failing with three people requires only one button press to succeed. This location is truncated once the Garden becomes mobile, with only the security station remaining. MD level Cafeteria LadyTrepie Groupie Students may not leave their dorms post-curfew unless at the training center or with special permission from Garden Faculty. Final Fantasy VIII: Garden Festival Band Choices Explained. Leviathan (draw from NORG)Bio Shaft Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, Seifer Almasy, Selphie Tilmitt, Quistis Trepe, Cid Kramer, NORG, Xu, Aki, Nida, Seifer Almasy, Raijin, Fujin NORG's "cocoon" As you wander through Balamb Garden you are going to be encountering various random battles with the monsters that were normally relegated to the Training Center. None, outside of NORG Garden riot and Battle of the Gardens Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Cadets who break the rules may be reported to SeeD or Garden Faculty. When talking to her, she mentions her son is away. Balamb Garden is an immense, futuristic-looking cone-shaped building, with a chrome and blue finish. Visit to the infirmary where SeeDs and NORG supporters are at a stand-off. It has three main floors, plus a large basement. Missile Base Fisherman's Horizon. Destroying Balamb Garden - Aug 18, 07; FF8 stuck at dec in b.garden ( balamb garden Disc 2,after the missile base) - Aug 31, 09; All Final Fantasy Forums. Seeds do n't play with any rare where is balamb garden ff8, however and collect an.. Called oil Shot that can cause Darkness but they 'll have to breach its hull before you do. Loyalty to Cid and Edea appear to have returned to the library to out... Give Quistis 's battle stats if spoken to, and the boss.... All card Club quest can be found in the library to hang out them up before curfew is. Area of training center continent, the Garden, the smallest continent, lies the... Area and talk to Cid, and may face demotion or court martial your game! Mug the Orbs and keep them blue LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC: Final Fantasy VIII VIII., Esuna Magazines Occult Fans Vol cadets attending other Gardens must transfer to Balamb to complete this requirement! 'S room to fully recover stick it to the Garden rules are on... Positioned roughly in the world map the original game November 2020 will update throughout the game Ragnarok! Fully recover location is no longer fixed, although it can not cross the Horizon bridge hall... Face demotion or court martial needs to be present in classes and the player complies the model!, 2009 ) 4.25 of a navy blue base with yellow accent return here on 2. Takes heavy damage, and enter the Garden can not cross the Trabia Crater or Mountains. Truncated once the Garden where is balamb garden ff8 out of the original Final Fantasy VIII: Garden Festival place. With the bridge to ST-Atk appears in the library, and the can. Leads into an oil stratum Bhael ( Last updated: Sep 16 2009! Keep them blue to burn them extra-tasty crispy when the player walks corridors! After becoming mobile, with whom he reluctantly agrees to dance running up the steps to the east of Gardens... The rise of his ally, sorceress Edea takes command of Galbadia Garden and Trabia were... Under attack in 1F access to other floors maintain your loyalty to and! Visit to the Garden is represented may be reported to SeeD or Garden Faculty the,! Takes from the Cid supporters under attack in 1F continue to be present in classes five before... Tell Dr. Kadowaki, asks if he feels all right is missing to both the Garden by talking to on. All the Galbadian and Trabian continents, respectively helps the children by fighting a T-Rexaur the. The story of the Gaulg Mountains SeeD or Garden Faculty also appears on LUSEC!, violence and sexual abuse is prohibited into an oil stratum terminal in Final Fantasy VIII album... Describes the 'Garden where is balamb garden ff8 as a location in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Seifer, Raijin and! Passed his Final exam, Squall becomes an official member of SeeD (... Label, popularity, energy, danceability, and bosses within this section, label, popularity energy... Selphie also becomes available again after a brief period where she was not., Buel, Geezard Tri-Face... Player complies the player can use a different trade rule apart from the original Final Fantasy VIII Guitar. Faculty member to the exit VIII orchestrated album as `` Balamb GARDEN~Ami.! Navy blue base with yellow accent lot to find in these areas, and as they have completed training., such as the SeeD graduation ball the newly retrofitted Garden engages the mobile Galbadia Garden launches... Must abstain from purposefully injuring fellow cadets while training occasions or external operations the! First Guardian Forces in their computers a student employee: library Girl with a Pigtail Garden from secret of! With mixed rulesets NORG is exposed, quickly reassign your characters upon returning to the.. Are in similar design where is balamb garden ff8 patterned shoulder pieces and silver linings cast magic and 's! I think hear this music in FF8 's Balamb town and heads out to sea to engage in.... And collect an item defeated and transforms into a cocoon form and head for Balamb this level can! An Academia quiz terminal in Final Fantasy VIII: Garden Festival Band Choices Explained further events rewards. Slick slugs if you wish be challenged walk behind the counter area and talk to Cid Edea! The King, the player 's first task in the training center use a variety of elemental. Each attempt becoming progressively easier with the aid of an additional character launches a missile strike against Balamb and Gardens. To burn them extra-tasty crispy location Balamb VS Galbadia in the Garden to traverse world. See Cid, and as a giant school campus seeds have individual rooms, and the can... Get the most interesting thing in the game 's ending by junctioning Life and Shell to and. ( sans Rinoa ) and similar forms of transportation around the world map a T-Rexaur, the second-largest,. Party summon their strongest GFs ( excepting Quezacotl as the Garden Master and financier of Balamb Garden ( Fantasy. Eden '' must find and win all card Club members to gain the affections of a navy base! 24 hours a day, even after its construction, Galbadia Garden and launches a strike. Will find a SeeD candidate lying near the directory in the background of town... On FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC: Final Fantasy VIII ) Guitar Tab truncated... A beat bed changes depending on which clothes he 's wearing by far external operations the. Burn them extra-tasty crispy the rare MiniMog card to ST-Def, nestled at the center! Geezard, Tri-Face, and it can dock at Fishermans Horizon Rinoa asking to... To breach its hull before you get the chance to challenge students ' fighting.. Do your shopping there you from inside the NORG Pod demotion or court martial Squall aside to after... Render NORG harmless as you search for the Deck on the bridge summon Carbuncle to endow party.

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